1) What is a grill tune-up?

Answer: Performing maintenance on various visible parts of the grill followed by checking for any leaking connections, removing all the various internal parts to inspect and ensure proper function, we also provide a gas leak safety test in front of the client.

2) How long does it take for a cleaning?

Answer: That depends on service being performed. Typically a full restoration cleaning could take up to 5 hours. Each situation calls for different services, some take longer than others.

3) Can I get rid of vermin by having my grill cleaned?

Answer: Yes, it would not be the first time one of our specialist had to deal with everything from snakes to rats.

4) Will my grill be like new when you are finished?

Answer: Again, every situation can be very diverse and require an abstract approach. Depending on the type of service you request your grill can be immaculate like the first day you brought it home. We guarantee to do the best job possible.